Winchester Unconference – output, links and thanks!

This is a quick post to share some of the initial output from the Winchester Business Unconference, which was on Wednesday 9th May 2018, hosted by Winchester City Council.

Session Grid

The Session Grid includes links to all the individual session documents, and any associated live-blog posts and related ideas on CitizenLab.


All the tweets shared using the #WinchBiz hashtag have been stored in a searchable archive (which is updated hourly)


There’s a marvellous album of event photos, thanks to David Pearson (click the photo to view the album)


There’s also a Timelapse video from Bapsy Hall, again thanks to David Pearson

Live Drawing & blogging

There are 11 posts on the Liveblog, which were written by Drawnalism and published “live” on the day – the artwork is included in the gallery below:

MASSIVE drawing

Those fabulous artists at Drawnalism also produced a MASSIVE drawing, which you can view here.

Post-unconference blogging


On the day, Winchester City Council asked participants to vote on what they considered the most important topics to consider further.

The top 5 topics according to number of votes are:

  1. Support local business 41%
  2. Attract & retain young people 39%
  3. Create co-working spaces 39%
  4. Creativity and culture at heart of business 34%
  5. Support SMEs in rural areas 34%
Winchester Unconference Slido results


Thank you!

Wow, there are so many people and organisations to thank! This includes

Everyone who participated, supported, volunteered, sponsored, catered, drew, wrote (and sent positive vibes). Of those not already mentioned, some specific thanks go to:

  • Cllr Rob Humby for an excellent introduction to the event, and setting the informal, upbeat tone right from the start
  • Joseph Holmes for being a brilliant MC, running and facilitating individual sessions (and for ‘winging it’ when the digital session grid was a bit delayed in the morning)
  • All the volunteers, both from Winchester City Council, and from elsewhere. Special mention goes Mollie Kolmer and all the apprentices who were absolutely fabulous, and John Fox for tweeting on the day
  • The Arts and Economy team at Winchester City Council, led by Kate Cloud, together with Alison Woods, who instigated and were the driving force behind the unconference
  • The entire Drawnalism team – Matthew, Alex, Adam, Lyn and Royston for superb drawn and written coverage throughout the event.
  • Everyone who pitched a session for coming up with lots of ideas, and being brave enough to pitch them to a large audience
  • Everyone who participated – an unconference simply won’t work unless people enter into the spirit of it. You did so at the WinchBiz unconference. In droves.
  • Our fantastic sponsors who wanted the event to happen so much they helped cover the costs as well as participating. We are ever-so grateful to:

That’s it for now

That’s all for this post, but there is more to come, so keep an eye on the #WinchBiz hashtag on Twitter, this website, and Winchester City Council’s Business Unconference page.