Putting our hands into Winchbiz

The Unconference format is among the best ways of engaging conversation between experts that I have ever found.

And this is why I was so pleased to hear that Winchester was to have its first self-generated business community event at the start of March.

The power of the attendee-generated agendas at Unconferences breaks down barriers to learning – and change – faster than almost all of the carefully honed but often narrow agendas in other conferences I could mention.

And what do I know about other conferences and their sometimes narrow agendas?

Well, my own Winchester based business – Drawnalism – is a specialist conference drawing and graphic recording business. So, we travel the world attending events and capturing the content of conversation In-the-Moment or, even As-It-Happens.

Drawnalism in display

Drawnalism recording allows event delegates and attendees to be more focussed on the quality of the event and in participating in it themselves – and much less preoccupied with the stressful business of taking notes.

Drawnalism – it’s a listening skill

It is because of our experiences at huge, small and intermediate conferences and events in so many varied locations over the best part of a decade that Drawnalism has become a strong supporter of the Unconference format.

And what do we know about Unconferences?

Well, you could listen to me try to explain a little in a short interview from a recent Unconference organised for a part of the UK Government at which we worked. Or perhaps read a proper expert talk about the joy of unconferencing.

Or you could read that the simplicity of the Unconference structure is powerfully liberating – because of the apparently unstructured agenda.

We know that positive delegate driven knowledge exchange is the heart of the Unconference format – and we are very much looking forward to being a part of the WinchBiz Unconference on May 9th.

And to drawing some of the insight and ideas that you will bring to the event yourselves.

Because we are sure you will know how the shared space of Winchester and District in both its physical and digital forms can be made to work better for us all.

Nice isn’t it.

See you there!