Introducing #WinchBiz

Hello – we’re new!

The #WinchBiz unconference is a new event on Wednesday 9th May*, entirely devoted to helping make Winchester and the surrounding area a great place for business.

What on earth is an unconference?

Well, it’s lots of things…

  • It’s a bit like a conference, but there is no predefined agenda, which means participants design the day as it goes along.
  • It’s a fantastic networking opportunity – and anyone with an interest in doing business in-and-around Winchester can attend.
  • It’s a social occasion, and there’s cake.
Relaxed and informal – some participants at Open Data Camp 3 in Bristol.


Ok. Why should I come?

Good question, and there’s no single answer, as unconferences can be different things to different people, though we better get one thing out of the way right at the start:

It is not a time for the hard sell

“If all you want to do is ‘sell stuff’, then this event probably isn’t for you”

Having spoken to people in recent weeks one issue that keeps cropping up is that many businesses in-and-around Winchester simply don’t know each other exist. All those potential partners, collaborators, suppliers and customers who are ‘just around the corner’…

Make a difference

Anyone can propose a session on absolutely any topic they wish, as long as it’s associated with Winchester and business. ‘Winchester’ in this context means the whole of the District, and not ‘just’ the city.

Problem solving

There’s no such thing as a perfect environment for business, but all sorts of things can be done to help make the place better for everyone. An unconference is a great way to identify opportunities and suggest ways to help them happen.

Looking ahead we intend to have a ‘hack’ style event in a few months time, during which we’ll try to find practical solutions to some of the ‘more meaty’ problems than are identified at #Winchbiz on 9th May*.

No hierarchy

There’s no hierarchy at an unconference: everyone has an equal opportunity to speak, and a wide variety of businesses will be represented.

Who’s going to be there?

At the time of writing, around 80 people have registered to attend, and we’re expecting 100-150 in total. These are just some of the businesses who have signed up so far, and there’s still time to register.

Click on any name in the image to visit their website

Organisations who have already registered for #Winchbiz. 


Thanks to our sponsors

The unconference has been instigated by the Economy and Arts team within Winchester City Council, who are the main sponsor and host. We are most grateful to them, and to our sponsors** DrawnalismKonexus ConsultingNquiringminds, and UKGovCamp.


What’s next?

Look out for our next post about what to expect when you come to Winchbiz!

*  The original date was going to be Friday 2nd March, but the event had to be postponed due to heavy snow (“The Beast from the East”)

** It’s not too late to sponsor. If you are interested, see our info for sponsors, or get in touch.

Photo credits

Participants at Open Data Camp 3. Photo courtesy of Neil Ford