Winchbiz is entirely devoted to making Winchester a great place to do business.

The Economy and Arts team at Winchester City Council has commissioned AHA Digital Ltd to plan and coordinate a couple of events designed to support businesses in-and-around Winchester (both the city and surrounding area). Our first event is an ‘Unconference‘.

What on earth is an unconference?

Well, it’s lots of things…

  • It’s a bit like a conference, but there’s no pre-defined agenda, and participants ‘pitch’ session ideas to each other
  • It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people and discuss both issues and opportunities. Anyone with an interest in doing business in-and-around Winchester can attend.
  • It’s a social occasion. When we empathise and are nice to each other, it’s amazing what barriers we can overcome.

Winchester businesses

A quick – and completely unscientific – look through the attendee organisations suggests potential interest in areas such as

The Communications team in Winchester City Council has created a Twitter List (of people who have agreed for their profiles to be made public). There is more information about which organisations are attending at Who is coming to WinchBiz?

The Winchbiz unconference has been inspired by other events like some of those shown here. It has its own distinctive style, but we borrowed liberally from lots of others who came before us.